More details about WOW’s Victorian invasion

By Patrick Avenell

BRISBANE: WOW Sight & Sound has today announced further plans for its expansion into the southern states. For the first time, the Queensland-based retailer has revealed the location of its new Victorian store.

Located at the corner of Benalla Road and Doyle Street in Shepparton, this new WOW store will be the first of what is believed to be a number of stores outside of WOW’s traditional northern base.

Talking about the new store is WOW Sight & Sound director of retail, Con Nicolas.

“We’ve taken time to ensure every element of this store is designed to deliver the ultimate customer experience and we are confident the people of Shepparton will be blown away when the doors open,” said Nicolas.

Nicolas continued to report that WOW has already employed over 40 locals to staff the new store.

“We’ve employed over 40 full-time and casual staff from the surrounding area who will undertake extensive training to become ‘electronic specialists’ who are actually helpful and knowledgeable about the products we stock,” said Nicolas.

Sports sponsorship has always been part of the WOW strategy, and to help launch the new Shepparton store, Nicolas announced that the new store will sponsor the Shepparton United Football Club as a way of winning over the hearts and minds of Sheppartonians.

Nicolas did not, however, reveal the planned opening date of the new store. WOW strategy is to hold snap store openings, supported by ambush and high-impact marketing in the lead-up to the event. Traditionally, WOW will announce a new store’s opening date within three days of the date itself.

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