Ilve’s induction introduction

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Ilve is the latest cooking company to release induction cooktops in Australia with the company’s new 60 cm and a new 90 cm versions available now.

For a technology that was first invented in the 1930’s (before microwave ovens), it’s taken a long time for induction cooktops to catch on in the market. However, as more companies release induction cooktops and more retail space is stocked with induction, more salespeople sell it — so induction is only going to grow from here.

Another key factor in the growth is a breakthrough in induction cooktop design in the year 2000 that reduced the construction costs and subsequently the price to consumers, so now more people can buy into the technology.

Currently, induction is now one of the fastest growing sections of the Australian cooktop market, but this is because it is coming off a small sales base compared to gas and electric cooktops.

Ilve’s new hand made 60 cm and 90 cm induction cooktops are the Italian company’s latest cooking products to be released in Australia.

Both cooktops include touch control operation, nine cooking temperature variations and a simmer mode. Ilve’s induction elements include booster zones for even faster heat up times than induction already achieves.

Child safety locks and residual heat indicators have also been incorporated into the design for safety.

Ilve’s induction cooktops are available from Ilve showrooms and selected retailers Australia-wide.

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