SanDisk’s ‘crazy’ new 16GB microSDHC and M2 cards debut in Crazy John’s

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: It’s not often the words tiny and huge can be used to describe the one object, but the tiny new 16GB microSDHC and Memory Stick Micro (M2) cards from SanDisk store a crazy but ‘huge’ 16GB of data. So it is fitting they are debuting in Crazy John’s stores.

These miniature flash memory cards will soon be available through retailers across the country, however Crazy John’s is the first retail organisation to offer them for sale.

While 16 GB is not a lot of storage space compared to the terabytes available on other storage media, it is a mind boggling amount when you consider how small and thin these flash memory cards are, and then consider how much media content 16 GB actually is in terms of photos, music or movies.

In addition to use in mobile phones, consumers can also use microSDHC cards in other compatible devices with a microSD slot, such as some video cameras, GPS receivers or MP3 players. M2 cards were designed for use in Sony Ericsson’s new generation of mobile phones.

SanDisk Corporation, which owns the Sansa brand of MP3 players, offers a five year limited warranty on the cards.

Available in Crazy John’s stores from October, the 16GB microSDHC card has an RRP of AUD$141 and the 16GB M2 card has an RRP of AUD$188.

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