Smile! You’re on Handycam

By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Sony Australia has launched its first Handycam with Smile Shutter, enabling parents to capture natural smiles without hounding their children to do so.

The Memory Stick HD Handycam (HDR-CX12MS) uses an advanced version of the Smile Shutter system used on CyberShot digital still cameras, allowing faster smile image capture, and can be set to prioritise between adult and child smiles.

Customers will receive a four gigabyte and eight gigabyte card to help record memories, but recording times were not available. Recording is in 1920 x 1080.

The CX12 can take 10.2 megapixel photos while in pure stills mode, while photos taken whilst filming drop to 7.6 megapixels.

As with recent Sony CyberShot still cameras, CX12 users can scroll through videos by using a “Face Index’.

The CX12 is available now for RRP $1,699.

Sony also released their two latest T-Series cameras today, the “world’s thinnest” T77 and 4 GB T700, only a week after Japan announced the launch there.

The specifications for the cameras remain unchanged, but the T700 is now part of the “Album T Series”, according to Sony Australia.

As reported on last Friday, the T700 comes with a viewfinder four times to resolution of other CyberShot models, and can, according to Sony, store approximately 1,00 photos on its 4 GB SSD.

Similar to the CX12 Handicam, both models allow users to search for photos by date, those with faces and those with smiles.

The T700 and T77 will go on sale in mid-September, with the T700 costing RRP $599, while the T77 will sell for RRP $429.

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