Sharp releases hybrid fridges

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Sharp has announced the release of two new refrigerators. The T-Series fridges feature hybrid cooling and are available in either white or silver. These refrigerators have a 312 litre fridge capacity and a 119 litre freezer capacity.

According to Sharp general manager – marketing, a hybrid cooling system “helps to keep foods at optimum temperatures to retain longer lasting freshness and quality”.

Features include a nano-deodoriser, which Nolan says “reduces and removes unpleasant and strong odours”; a fresh case with cover for storage of meat, poultry and fish; automatic and adjustable temperature controls; and a frost-free freezer.

Storage options include one full-door pocket, three short pockets for smaller items, one bottle pocket and a bottle stopper.

The major difference between the two refrigerators is price, with the white-coloured (SJT431RWH) selling for RRP $1,264, slightly cheaper than the silver model (SJT431RS), which is RRP $1,319.

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