Philips combines two into one, splits into four

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Philips has announced that its new Consumer Lifestyle category will be grouped by four product domains., each with its own abstract name. Following on from the discontinuation of Philips Consumer Electronics and Philips Appliances & Personal Care domains, Consumer Lifestyle looks to bring all the Philips products together under one name whilst still differentiating them four ways.

The four new groups are Mind, Space, Body and Appearance.

The Mind domain contains products designed to introduce “balance” and “self-enhancement” into everyday lives. Products include DVD recorders, headphones, micro audio systems, portable entertainment and universal remotes.

The Space domain, which is promoted as being about easy interaction to one’s surroundings, features digital photo displays, flat screen TVs, home theatre systems, iPhone accessories and a range of iPod docks.

The third domain is Body, which combines kitchen appliances with mother and child care products. This second product group is a result of Philips recent acquisition of Avent. The kitchen appliances, which are of consistent aluminium design, include a juicer, liquidiser, kettle, toaster and hand blender. The mother and child care products include a breast pump, sterilizer and bottle warmer.

The last domain is Appearance, which encapsulates Philips’ range of men’s and women’s grooming products. Included are shavers, trimmers, epilators and hair care products.

At today’s launch at Sydney’s Luna Park, Philips exhibited scenes from the company’s viral campaign. The Dutch company is hoping this site will attract internet surfers in order to encourage sales of their new Bodygroom shaver.

This website, which encourages men to shave everywhere, features an admittedly amusing mock music video of a man whose personal life was transformed when he began shaving certain body parts. It is unknown which parts these are, however, as some of the words he sings are beeped out. Readers will have to read his lips for themselves for more information.

Talking about the new divisions, a Philips spokesperson said, “These are not new business categories, but domains which help define our application of consumer interests.”

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