Sony adds new base model DSLR

By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Sony has added a new base model DSLR to its Alpha range, the A300, with new Quick Auto Focus live view sensor, 2.7-inch LCD and dust reduction.

The new 10.2 megapixel model’s key feature, Quick Auto Focus Live View, allows live view autofocus, introduced on the A350, to work even with through the new faster Through The Lens (TTL) phase detection autofocus.

Quick Auto Focus Live View also means the camera can use 1200-zone metering to evaluate light levels and colour distribution.

Sony also offers a ‘Smart Teleconverter” to achieve what is essentially a digital zoom function, but claims unlike all other digital zoom systems, it can perform 1.4x or 2x zoom with no loss of image quality.

Users can switch between the Quick AF Live View mode and normal optical viewfinder mode with a button located on top of the camera.

Other Sony DSLR standards, such as Bionz image processing, Super Steady Shot Autofocus and dust reduction are present and the A300 also comes with a 2.7-inch LCD.

Sensor sensitivity goes up to ISO 3200.

Sony also claims the A300 will be more environmentally friendly than some other models, due to its use of a vegetable oil-derived plastic for the body cap.

The A300 will retail for $999 with 18-70 lens and $1,149 with the 18-70mm lens and 55-200mm package. Both packages will be available from early August.

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