Pioneer Australia details new Kuro models

By Chris Nicholls

MELBOURNE: Pioneer Australia has released basic details of its new ninth generation Kuro plasma televisions, the last to be made by Pioneer before switching to Panasonic panels.

The range, not due until “later this year”, will include five models, all full HD, between 50 and 60-inches in size.

Pioneer is claiming the new generation panels improve on the previous eighth generation models by having five times the blackness levels.

That improvement is achieved through lower idling light levels combined with further advances in Pioneer’s ‘Crystal Emissive Layer’ technology, said Pioneer.

However, it appears Pioneer has taken the Bentley approach to revealing actual contrast ratios, listing them on their UK website as “extreme”.

The new televisions also come with 100 Hz technology and slim down to 93 mm in depth.

Pioneer Australia PR and events manager, Michael Broadhurst, said the launch of five models (three more than available in the UK currently) confirmed Pioneer was not about to bow out of the flat panel market.

“Contrary to reports that Pioneer will downsize its focus on the flat panel market, the expansion of Pioneer’s Kuro product portfolio will include a record five new models, all of which are full HD.

“With Pioneer planning to roll out all five new Kuro models later in the year, the company is resolute with its belief that plasma still holds a prominent place in the delivery of premium flat panel technology,” he said.

Pioneer Australia’s new home entertainment group general manager, Tim O’Leary, also said Pioneer’s desire to maintain image quality superiority would continue, despite the move to Panasonic panels for the next generation.

“Pioneer will continue to maintain an active role in the manufacturing process of its plasma flat panel displays, including the development of its back-end proprietary flat panel technologies and product assembly.

“Our relentless plasma innovation will continue well beyond our 9th Generation models, as we persistently refine our KURO technology,” he said.

No prices or specific launch dates were announced, but the two ninth generation Kuro models sold in the UK, the 50 and 60-inch sizes, sell for 2,500 pounds (approximately AU$5,250) and 4,500 pounds (approximately AU$9,460) respectively.

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