Hoover launches its new Italian designed Freemotion vacuums

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Hoover Floorcare Australia is set to launch three new vacuum cleaner ranges, the first of which is the Freemotion in bagged and bagless varieties — the new range is now available to all retailers nationally.

The Italian-designed Hoover Freemotion range consists of five new models.

The two bagless models are the Freemotion Cyclean TFC6212 (RRP $499) in translucent red and pearl and the TFC6253 (RRP $529) in translucent charcoal and pearl.

Three Freemotion bagged models are also available: the TFC2112 PureAir in blue and pearl (RRP $399), the TFC2223 PureAir in champagne and pearl (RRP $449) and the TFB 2242 Allergy Care in white and pearl (RRP $529).

Hover’s Freemotion range includes a variety of practical features such as silicon guards around the nozzle and body to protect walls and furniture from bumps and marks. Also, the operating controls are ergonomically located on the ‘Nagivator’ handle, which eliminates the need to bend down to activate controls on the unit.

“Designed to offer a perfect marriage of desirable functionality and user-friendly benefits, Freemotion makes the task of vacuuming effortless,” said Hoover Floorcare’s director Damian Court.

“Aptly named, the machine’s nozzle moves freely across the floor collecting dust and dirt in one easy motion.

“Freemotion’s most unique and distinguishing feature is its swivel head which can manoeuvre itself in a full 180 degree rotation — a feature which allows the head to turn 90 degrees to either side to easily clean down narrow and difficult to reach areas like beside the fridge or in-between pieces of furniture,” said Court.

The Freemotion also has electronically adjusted cleaning programmes which provide a choice of cleaning options that can be selected using the Navigator handle.

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