Clive Peeters apologises in Daily Telegraph for a catalogue error

By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: The Clive Peeters electrical retail company has published an apology in the Daily Telegraph today for what it said was an error in the company’s “End of financial year” catalogue.

The small advertisement on page 28 of today’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, states:

‘The D-Link wireless N router ($139) on page 4 is not an ADSL modem as stated.

The Mio GPS on page 5 does not include Tele Atlas maps as stated.

A bonus MioMap 2008 Whereis map upgrade is available at no charge via redemption from supplier after purchase.

All other details are correct.

We apologise for the inconvenience.’ contacted the Clive Peeters managing director, Greg Smith, to give him a chance to comment today but he was unavailable to talk at the time of publication.

The apology comes at time when the Clive Peeters share price continues to drop and the company issued a statement on Friday June 6 which downgraded its Net Profit After Tax expectations for FY08 to drop approximately $3.5 million on last year to $10.2 million.

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