Sharp hits back at LCD critics and rivals

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Sharp has hit back at recent criticism of LCD’s ability to handle big screen broadcasting as well as plasma. At the launch of their new Olympic Games range in Sydney last week, Panasonic was adamant that when it comes to watching the big events on the big screen, plasma was best as sizes above 42-inch. Sharp, who is investing heavily in LCD technology, has strongly disagreed with their rivals on this point.

Speaking to, Sharp general manager (marketing) Laurie Nolan said, “In the early days of LCD TV smaller sizes were better suited to the technology — plasma technology was more suited in the sizes 42-inch and above.

“However, for at least three years now, LCD TV has been available in sizes up to 65-inches with better screen images than equivalent-sized plasma screens.”

Asked about the commercial success of these models, Nolan was bullish. “Sharp has enjoyed considerable global sales success catering for the very high end and with discerning consumers.

“Furthermore, the volume of large-sized LCD TVs being sold in the market is now rapidly overhauling plasma.”

When questioned about the future of LCD technology, Sharp claimed they were very happy with the format and would only be increasing their investment.

“A new $3.5 billion plant is currently under construction near Osaka, in Japan,” Nolan said.

It is understood that fellow LCD-devotee Sony has also invested in this Osaka LCD plant.

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