TEAC release portable DVD player

By Patrick Avenell

MELBOURNE: TEAC has released a new portable DVD player especially designed for in-car use and versatility. The DVP904 (RRP $299) has a 9-inch screen, multiple DVD and CD playback options, MP3 playback, a lithium battery providing two-and-a-half hours of play time and, most importantly, an in-car charger to enable continuous viewing on long road trips.

Other features include an AV line (out and in), twin headphone jacks to enable viewing from two parties simultaneously, multi-language on-screen display, a remote control and a swivel/reverse display to improve in-car functionality.

The aforementioned AV line means that the DVD player can be connected to a TV, which TEAC hopes will prove useful for the constant traveler who spends a lot of time in hotel rooms.

“The DVP 904 is a most versatile portable DVD player.  Ideal for travelling for use in your hotel room, you can also plug it into the television in your room,” said TEAC product and marketing manager Pete Burnham.

Asked about how commercially successful this range of portable DVD players has been, Burnham said, “Our TEAC portable DVD players continue to be great sellers. In fact, our products are ranked among the best selling portables in Australia.”

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