Scarlet TVs no longer a ‘secret’ after official launch party

By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: LG last night rolled out the scarlet carpet to launch the product at the centre of its creative, albeit slightly confusing, worldwide marketing campaign — the new Scarlet TV range, or ‘series’.

After a complicated and expensive exercise in ambush marketing, LG finally revealed that their new TV series advertised on TV was in fact a new series of TVs and not a new TV series.

News of the same advertising campaign airing in the USA and UK in April spoiled the surprise in Australia though.

In the USA, LG actually managed to trick celebrities, including Lindsey Lohan, that they would be attending a world premiere of a new TV series by appropriately chosen Emmy Award winning director, David Nutter, whose resume includes directing episodes of TV hits such as The X-Files and Band of Brothers.

Nutter was an appropriate choice as the front man for this advertising campaign because he is best known for directing pilot episodes for new television series.

Due to the impossibility of keeping such a secret in this era of information sharing though, the Australian audience last night responded to the revelation with supportive applause rather than gasps of bewilderment. The whole exercise could be a case of any publicity being good publicity however.

In the official introduction speech, delivered by former Wheel of Fortune letter-turner Sophie Faulkner, particular stress was put on innovation and creativity in the new range.

Australian fashion designer Jayson Brunsdon, whose connection to the new products wasn’t clearly defined, then talked about how televisions have evolved from basic units of entertainment to aesthetic fixtures that have the power the contribute or detract from the overall beauty of a living area. Brunsdon described this as an “emotional connection”, the sort that is normally associated between an individual and art.

“We all want our television to be as much a part of our living room as the art on our walls,” Brundson said.

Following this sentiment, LG used emotional adjectives, such as “mystifying, romantic [and] glamorous” to describe the products.

In addition to a Brunsdon fashion parade, catered food and premium beer there was also a TV and home theatre system on display.

Once the smoke from the nightclub-style generators had cleared, important industry players were able to inspect the models and systems in a variety of constructed settings including the loungeroom, studio and executive office. The swanky, up-market winebar setting also provided sufficient evidence that this line of televisions could be used in entertainment venues, especially nightclubs and late night bars.

After the speeches and the product inspections, the event continued happily, with guests indulging in grilled prawns, baked quail and tempura squid, all washed down with Italian beer, champaign and scarlet coloured frozen cocktails.

Scattered amongst the LG executives and leading retail figures was guest DJ Alex Dimitriades, who provided music for the event from his balcony above the bar, and several leading rugby league players from the Cronulla Sharks team. The footballers then lent their support to their shirt sponsor and were all very effusive in their praise for the new products.

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