Dyson updates Radix technology with third cyclone

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Vacuum cleaner market leader Dyson today launched the latest update to its evolving cyclonic system with a third cyclone stage to capture particles so small that, according to the company, 200 of them could fit on a full stop.

The new Intermediary Cyclone design, which Dyson will refer to as Radix+, incorporates a third cyclonic chamber between the main cyclone and the smaller cyclonic cones to raise the efficiency of Dyson’s patented Radix system.

Dyson’s premium DC23 vacuum, available from today, will be the first to incorporate the Intermediary Cyclone system, which captures particles down to 0.5 microns.

Dyson DC23 vacuum with Radix+

Dyson’s new DC23 is the first with the Radix+ Intermediary Cyclone design.

Dyson has introduced two DC23 models – the DC23 Turbine (RRP $949) and the DC23 Motorhead (RRP $1,099).

“The new Intermediary Cyclone is an advancement on our existing technology, again providing customers with a superior product that will meet even the most rigorous cleaning requirements,’ said Dyson SEA managing director, Ross Cameron, in a media release today.

Dyson’s cyclonic technology has undergone a number of developments since first introduced, including the move to Dual Cyclone and, more recently, Radix Cyclone.

The company claims Radix+ technology, like its forebears, results in a vacuum cleaner which will not lose suction during vacuuming.

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