Sony confirms mid-large size OLED TVs by 2009

By Chris Nicholls

LOS ANGELES: Sony has confirmed it will start make medium to large size OLED televisions from 2009, and authorised its 220 billion yen (US$210 million) investment, announced in February, in its OLED factory to help it do so.

The announcement came at the Society for Information Display (SID) show this week, when Sony e-products and TV business group business development department general manager, Yoshito Shiraishi told audience members at his keynote speech that Sony would expand its capacity at Sony Mobile Display to include the larger models.

While he did not speak about specific model sizes, Sony has already shown a 27-inch prototype OLED television and a spokesperson for Sony Japan has indicated 20-inch sizes would be followed by 40-inch sizes.

The Nikkei Business website Tech On! has indicated investment in the Higashiura factory will include facilities to produce 600 x 720mm glass substrate for the new televisions.

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