Digital radio heavyweights hold first pre-launch meeting

By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: The Digital Radio Advertising Advisory Group (DRAAG), which includes top executives from leading advertisers and radio stations, held its first meeting today to discuss launch strategies, manufacturer take-up and, of course, advertising for the new medium.

The meeting apparently covered a broad market update, including retailer strategy, an update from receiver manufacturers, the brand and communication strategy for the digital radio launch, benefits for advertisers and feedback from the advertising agencies

Advertising agencies involved included Starcom, Mitchell’s, Ikon Communications, Razor Media, Smart, Clemenger BBDO, OMD, Zenith Optimedia, Initiative, Carat, Maxus, Total Advertising and Communications and HMA Blaze. Representatives from industry bodies the MFA and AANA also attended.

Commercial Radio Australia chairman, Michael Anderson, said the DRAAG would help ensure advertising agencies knew exactly what to expect from digital radio, and allowed important communication between the radio industry and advertising sectors.

“This is a significant interface between the commercial radio industry and those at the forefront of advertising in this country. It’s about making the very most of this exciting medium, delivering maximum benefits to broadcasters, listeners and advertisers alike,” Anderson said.

The advisory group said they will meet regularly from now on to provide advice from the advertising sector on digital radio implementation and give feedback and liaison about the use of digital radio in advertising.

“Digital radio represents a breakthrough ‘multi-media experience’ – including extra channels, animation, text, images, slideshows, and additional advertising information on demand and crystal-clear sound. It will be beneficial for advertisers and this group will help ensure its possibilities in this area are maximised,” said Commercial Radio Australia chief executive, Joan Warner.

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