F&P unveil DishDrawer-style fridge/freezer

By Chris Nicholls

AUCKLAND: Fisher & Paykel have unveiled what they claim is a world first fridge/freezer that mimics their DishDrawer concept, called the CoolDrawer.

Fisher & Paykel chief executive John Bongard said the key to the CoolDrawer was its flexibility. Like the DishDrawer, the new 900mm-wide refrigerator can be placed in various locations, with individual drawers spread around the kitchen, but performing the same function. The 900mm size means it can fit within standard-sized kitchen cabinetry.

Adding to the flexibility, the CoolDrawer does not come in designated refrigerator or freezer drawers. Rather, users can switch each drawer from fridge to freezer mode at the touch of a button. Users can also use a ‘chill’ mode for quick cooling of meat or fish, wine cooling mode for storing both red and white wine, and a pantry mode for storing temperature-sensitive foods, doubling shelf life, Fisher & Paykel claim.

“The unique aspect of this product is its flexibility. Because of its size, a number of these could be placed throughout the kitchen at various workstations and. The mode selection capability is matchless and can be altered to suit the user’s requirements,” said Bongard. 

The CoolDrawer’s release is part of Fisher & Paykel’s ‘Tomorrow’s Kitchen’ product release, which includes the Izona glass-topped gas cooker and Izona VentSurface rangehood, which senses smoke and steam and turns on and off automatically, even altering fan speeds depending on cooking conditions.

Fisher & Paykel said tall three products would be available in both Australia and New Zealand from May this year.

All three products will also be on display at DesignEx in Sydney from April 10-12, with the CoolDrawer on public display for the first time. 

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