Samsung to retrofit fire hazard warning label to pulled washer/dryer model

By Chris Nicholls

SYDNEY: Samsung has moved to retrofit a warning label to its washer/dryer model WDJ1255C after the Office of Fair Trading warned the Korean factory may not have fitted it and forced the temporary removal of the model from sale last week.

Samsung Electronics Australia said while there was nothing wrong with the washer/dryer, they would today began a national in-store campaign to apply the mandatory label to any unit missing the label. In a statement, Samsung apologised for any inconvenience to retailers, but said it was committed to reviewing and labelling all stock nationally by this Wednesday, February 13.

The warning label has the international fire hazard symbol and states “read the instructions”, which informs consumers on what safety precautions to observe when using the dryer function.

Following the completion of the retrofit, the Washer Dryer Combo WDJ1255C will apparently then meet all electrical safety legislations and may again be sold legally.

Units sold to customers before the washer/dryer was removed from sales do not require further action. Anyone seeking further information is encouraged to call their Samsung Dealer Support Manager by Wednesday 13 February.

Samsung Korea is apparently investigating the factory oversight and would ensure all future production is correctly labelled.

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