Sony goes thin and glassy with new Bravia ranges

By Chris Nicholls

TOKYO: Sony had unveiled its new range of Bravia televisions in Japan, with the current range replaced by the new glass-fronted, slimmer models first seen at CES.

The new V, J, M and F series’ cover everything from 16- to 52-inch screens, with the flagship F series the first of Sony’s ‘thin’ full HD televisions, with a width of only 7.4 centimetres.

Only the F and V series are full 1080p high definition, but all models, including the lower J series, use Sony’s new glass-fronted panels, with an unusual transparent section at the bottom-centre of the bezel.

The new J series runs from 20- to 32-inches and also comes in a choice of three colours – red, white or black.

Despite a Japanese on-sale date of late March for the J, M and F series, and a late April release date for the V series, though, major Japanese electrical retail chain Bic Camera already has them listed and available for purchase on their website.

The F series is listed from approximately $2000 for the 32-inch 720p models, and increases to $4000 for the top 46-inch full 1080p models.

The largest model in the new series’, the 52-inch V series, is listed at approximately $4600.

A spokesperson for Sony Australia said the company had no plans to import the new models immediately, but would sell the current models until an importation date had been set.


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