Sharp’s online TVs to come to Australia: Denis Kerr

Sharp has confirmed to Digital Retailer that its range of web-accessing LCD televisions will “very likely” come to Australia.

Speaking to Digital Retailer in Las Vegas, Sharp Australia deputy managing director Denis Kerr said the technology, which allows owners to access weather, news, and online customer service, would come to Australia, but was currently working on content arrangements.

The Aquos Net system will be available on both the SE94U and D74U AQUOS televisions, with access to the internet via an Ethernet socket on the television. However, it does not allow normal web browsing, only displaying specialised content from certain providers.

“With Aquos Net, Sharp is opening up a world of display possibilities for consumers,” said Bob Scaglione, Product and Marketing Group senior vice president and group manager. “Aquos Net provides the ultimate in convenience, and we intend to allow users access to important information like stock quotes, the local weather and even the ability to receive instant advice and help to maintain the optimal picture on their television – all without ever having to leave the TV.”

The LC-52D74U will be available in the US in April for a suggested retail price of US$3,599.99. Price and availability of the SE94U model, or precise Australian release dates or prices of either, were not available.

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