LG joins extra thin flat screen TV party

By Chris Nicholls

LAS VEGAS: LG Electronics has also joined the thin panel scrum with two new thin screen flat panel TVs — a 120Hz LCD TV and a 180 HZ bezel-less plasma screen.

The two new TVs were introduced during a CES media briefing. The LG60 LCD TV will come with a 120 Hz 1080p panel, and continues the current consumer electronic product focus on design, with subtle red light emitting from the sides and LEDs that show the TV’s status.

The PG60 1080p plasma has a bezel-less design that removes the usual gap between the screen and the housing. It also has a 30,000:1 contrast ratio, which LG claims is the industry’s highest, and a Dual XD Engine processor. It also almost doubles the current fastest refresh rate, with 180 Hz.

The company also debuted the LG70 and PG70 wireless HD signal compatible televisions.

The releases came as Simon Kang, LG Digital Display Company chief executive, said LG plans to become one of the top three global TV makers in 2008. This success, he said, will be based on new LCD and plasma TVs with innovative designs and upgraded features as well as more aggressive marketing.

Of these 17 million TVs, 14 million will be LCD models and three million will be plasma models. To achieve its ambitious sales goal in 2008, he said LG would concentrate on product leadership, profitability and stronger marketing.

The marketing will focus on its premium products with extensive marketing campaigns to improve its reputation as well as its market share in developed countries. It did not mention its strategy for developing nations. The company also said it would increase productivity and cut costs through more effective supply chain management.

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