BSR adds new Sydney store to group

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Former Retravision member Best Buys Warehouse has joined the BSR group after nearly a year of looking for a new home following the collapse of the Retravision NSW buying group.

Located in Rockdale in Sydney’s south, the store officially converted to Best Buys Warehouse Betta Electrical on Monday.

Store owner and operator, Robert Hofbauer, said the Betta Electrical group offers many benefits for his business.

“Since the demise of Retravision NSW last October, we have been looking for a new home that will continue to allow us to provide goods to our loyal customer base. BSR can offer us this through their systems, services and their Betta Electrical brand,” said Hofbauer.

In a statement released today, BSR general manager, Ian Brown, said the large format store is a welcome addition to the company’s growing Sydney footprint.

“This new Betta Electrical store continues our growth within the Sydney metropolitan area and provides us with a great retail offer in a very good location,” said Brown in a statement.

Brown also said the Rockdale site is one of a number of forthcoming announcements in both Sydney and other markets nationally.

“The market has definitely crystalised over the last 12 months and it’s an exciting time for us. With the streamlined systems and retailer-focused services we provide, BSR is definitely the most cost effective group for regional and metro-based independent operators to be a part of,” he said.

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