Nilfisk to promote HEPA at Gluten Free Food and Allergy show

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Nilfisk Advance will sponsor the Gluten Free Food and Allergy Show at Sydney’s Convention and Exhibition Centre in November, and will give presentations for an anticipated crowd of 10,000 attendees on the importance of HEPA filtration in vacuum cleaners.

Nilfisk today announced that it has signed on as a ‘presenting sponsor’ of the show, which will be held on the weekend of 17 to 18 November, and will host a stand to communicate its ‘active allergy avoidance’ message.

The show is a lifestyle event designed to inform and educate people about the products and services available to adults and children affected by allergies and food intolerances.

“The expo is a good opportunity for us to demonstrate our unique range of vacuums, as well as provide material on active allergy avoidance including tips and simple measures consumers can adopt to reduce their symptoms on a daily basis,” said Nilfisk-Advance national retail sales and marketing manager, Kim Hiland.

“We believe it’s important for consumers to make informed choices, resulting in genuine improvements to their home environment," she said.

According to Nilfisk, more than 12 per cent of Australians suffer from asthma and 40 per cent from allergies, so the need for consumers to understand how best to reduce their symptoms is becoming increasingly important.

“The benefits of HEPA filtration have been widely accepted for helping to reduce allergy and asthma triggers,” said the company is a media release today.

“Each model in the Nilfisk range is equipped with a HEPA filter so efficient, it is more effective than the human lung in removing sources of irritation including pollen, bacteria and other pollutants.

“In fact, the Extreme range with HEPA H14 filter and HEPA tight construction offers the highest level of filtration available on the consumer vacuum cleaner market – recently being awarded the orange butterfly symbol by the French Allergy Foundation for its anti-house dust mite power.”


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