Sony shoots bunnies for new Bravia advertisement

By James Wells in Berlin

BERLIN, GERMANY: The president of Sony Europe pulled a rabbit out of his hat at IFA 2007 by announcing that hundreds of Play-Doh bunnies will be used to create the third global Bravia advertising campaign.

In his keynote address in Berlin during the IFA 2007 trade fair, Sony Europe president, Fujio Nishida, released a preview of the new Bravia LCD television advertising campaign which will be released in October and continue the brand’s slogan – ‘Colour. Like No Other’.

“All of you have seen the colourful ‘Balls’ and ‘Paint’ commercials, now I am pleased to provide exclusive glimpse of the next Bravia trilogy shot in New York last month,” Nishida said. understands the new Bravia advertisement will consist of hundreds of differently coloured rabbits which have been filmed using stop frame motion animation which has been made famous by artists such as the Aardman Animations who are responsible for movies such as Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run. This animation is an extremely time consuming and technically precise process and it is understood that over a period of three weeks 40 animators remodeled over two and a half tonnes of Play-Doh plasticine into 190 60 cm rabbits, 150 30 cm cubes and a giant nine metre rabbit as well as a purple wave measuring three metres by six metres.

For one of the scenes, 40 animators and sculptors are believed to have spent four hours to create just four seconds of footage. Up to six cameras recorded each shot and the final 60 second advertisement is expected to be constructed of around100,000 stills.

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