Microsoft’s Xbox 360 drops below the $400 mark in Australia

By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Microsoft has announced an immediate price-cut to its Xbox 360 gaming console in Australia which will see the Xbox 360 Core console break below the $400 barrier for the first time since its local launch in March 2006.

The new pricing structure will see the Xbox 360 Core console retailing for RRP $399.95 and the Xbox 360 Pro System set to retail at RRP $579.95.

“Xbox 360 is all about offering consumers a choice – and I think we’ve just made that choice even easier,” said Xbox Australia and New Zealand regional director, David McLean.

“This announcement shows Xbox 360 delivering on our commitment to make next-generation entertainment accessible to as many Australians as possible. Whether you want high definition movies and digital downloads, whether you want to join an online community of over seven million people, or whether you just want to jump straight into a game and have fun,” he said.

The $399.95 Xbox 360 Core Console includes the Xbox 360 Core console, Xbox 360 controller and composite AV cable, while the $579.95 Xbox 360 Pro System includes the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, a 20GB hard drive, wireless controller, media remote, component HD AV cable, an ethernet connectivity cable and a complimentary 30-day trial Xbox LIVE® Gold membership.

The price drop comes on the back of recent rumours concerning the Xbox 360 Ultimate, which is suggested to feature a built-in HD DVD drive and 320GB hard drive. No confirmation or denial has yet been received from Microsoft.

Two new Xbox 360 consoles are also set to grace the shelves of Australian gaming stores, with the Xbox 360 Halo 3 Special Edition, complete with a Halo 3 themed finish and Halo 3 headset, and the Xbox 360 Elite getting their likely release in September.

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