Survey reveals dads want to BBQ their way through Fathers Day

By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: An independent survey commissioned by BeefEater and executed by Pure Profile on the barbecue habits, preferences and rituals of 1,000 Australians, has revealed that 50.7 per cent of Australian dads would like to receive a barbecue for Father’s Day.

“Father’s Day has long been associated with barbecuing and is the unofficial start of barbecue season, with many lucky fathers expected to unwrap barbecue grills and accessories this year and even more families planning on cooking a barbecue in dad’s honour,” said BeefEater founder and managing director, Peter Woodland.

The survey also revealed that while many dads look forward to grilling the biggest chunk of meat their grill can handle, it’s family bonding which ranks as the most enjoyable aspect of barbecuing, with 49.5 per cent of respondents rating this as the number one most important reason to barbecue.

Also discovered in the survey, 33.4 per cent of males state that they owe their barbecue skills to their father and 72 per cent believe it is important for a father to teach his son the barbecue craft.

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