Electrolux ‘Father’ retires after 40 years in the industry

By Martin Vedris

BRISBANE: One of Electrolux’s most experienced salesman, Terry Holloway of the Brisbane office, retires next month after a distinguished 40 year career in the electrical appliance industry as Electrolux enters a new era with E-Line.

Affectionately known by the Queensland sales team as “father” due to his caring and generous spirit, Holloway arrived in Australia in 1964 from Birmingham, in the English midlands.

He began his career in the Australian electric/gas industry for Braemar Appliances and went on to work at many of Australia’s leading suppliers of electrical and gas appliances, including Moulinex, Metters, Modern Maid, Craig and Seely/Southcorp (Vulcan/Chef), selling everything from small appliances to solar hot water systems.

Colleagues agreed that Holloway’s gas industry knowledge is outstanding and, when Email acquired Southcorp Appliances in April 1999, his team-mates dubbed him ‘Mr Gas’.

“Terry’s relationship-building skills both within the Electrolux sales team and especially with his retail customers is highly respected as the cornerstone of his personality,” said Joe La Sala, Queensland state sales.

“His sense of humour and ability to tell a joke — complete with accents — is legendary and has boosted team morale on many occasions.”

Holloway said he is proud to have been associated with Electrolux and believes he is retiring as a new dawn begins for the company in Australia with the introduction of the new E-Line series of products.

“I was involved with Modern Maid when they introduced the Swept Up Hob on upright stoves in the early 80’s and worked on steam cooking with the Chef Professional in the early 90’s but the new E-Line ovens are up there with some of the best products that I’ve ever been associated with,” he explained.

While Terry will miss the daily interaction with colleagues and retailers, he said he is looking forward to spending more time with wife Margaret, daughters Julie and Tracy and grandson Adam.

“Terry is not only a great ambassador for Electrolux but a mentor, a jester, a statesman, a gentleman and a friend,” added La Sala.

“We’d like to thank him for his professional attitude and approach to his duties, his efforts ‘above and beyond’ and his camaraderie. He will be greatly missed.”

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