Miele expands floorcare range

By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Miele has announced its floorcare range will expand once again with the release of two new vacuum cleaners, due to hit stores this month, including the Cat & Dog Max vacuum for pet lovers as well as the new premium model, the TotalCare.

The Miele S5360 Cat & Dog Max (RRP $699) is equipped with all the features of its predecessor, but the new model now also features the STB101 TurboMini hand-held turbo brush, designed to clean upholstery in the home and car, and deep clean upholstery prone to gathering nuisance pet hair.

Also featuring the STB205-3 TurboBrush and Miele’s ActiveAirClean Plus filter, the 2,200-watt Cat & Dog Max is also equipped to eliminate odours that can develop inside the bag through its IntensiveClean Plus dustbags, ensuring maximum dust retention.

The premium addition to Miele’s 2007 floorcare range is the S5780 TotalCare (RRP $849), featuring a new silver passion metallic finish and Miele’s unique ActiveHEPA filter and dust chamber designed to render exhaust air virtually particle free.

Meeting a hospital grade HEPA12 standard and boasting a hygiene shutter designed to trap microscopic dust and irritants inside the vacuum cleaner, the TotalCare can confidently be used around allergy sufferers. Also featuring an array of floor-heads to suit any surface, as well as the STB205-3 TurboBrush and STB101 TurboMini, the TotalCare is equipped to deal with any stubborn threads or hairs.

The TotalCare’s radio-frequency remote control handle means that users can operate the unit without bending down, while the ergonomic ComfortHandle is designed to make cleaning easier with increased manoeuvrability and comfort.

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