300 Sydney retailers expected for Hitachi’s first roadshow event

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Hitachi’s annual roadshow will begin its nationwide tour tonight in Sydney when around 300 retail sales staff from Harvey Norman, Retravision, Narta retailers and AV specialists gather for what promises to be a fun-filled showcase of its latest products.

Hitachi will treat its Sydney retailers to their first glimpse of its debut range of full high definition flat panel TVs, including a 50-inch full HD plasma and the brand’s first 42-inch full HD LCD.

Dubbed the Hitachi Hot Gear Roadshow, the traveling showcase will be styled on the British TV sensation, Top Gear, with the night’s major presentation providing retailers with a chance to see Hitachi’s latest consumer electronics gear put through its paces.

Hitachi general manager, Geoff Hannaford, today told Current.com.au that the company’s key message for its retail partners will be to reinforce the brand’s positioning in the booming flat panel TV market.

“It is important for retailers and consumers to realise that Hitachi is a flat panel TV company, not a plasma or LCD TV company. We will continue to expand into larger screen sizes in each category,” said Hannaford.

“We are remaining focused on our core technologies. In the categories we choose to play in, such as DVD camcorders, full HD flat panel TVs and GPS navigation, we will continue to position ourselves in that premium segment to capitalise on value growth in these markets,” he said.

Tonight’s session will take place in the former railway works in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Everleigh, and will travel to Melbourne next week and other major capital cities throughout August.

With an interactive format including a stage show, video segments and prize giveaways, including a new Hybrid camcorder, Hitachi is promising retailers a fun-filled evening with a focus on equipping sales staff to confidently sell the features and benefits of the new product range.

The line-up will include Hitachi’s new flat panel TV range, second-generation GPS navigation devices and the brand’s camcorder range.

Hitachi’s promised ‘world-first announcement’ will not be revealed tonight, but may be made during the Melbourne leg of the roadshow, depending on the readiness of the Japanese parent company.

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