Intel launches next-generation Centrino notebook technology

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Intel today launched two new mobile computing technology platforms, updating its Centrino  technology with the new Intel Centrino Duo and Intel Centrino Pro architectures based on Intel’s latest processor range – Core 2 Duo.

The new platforms will deliver performance upgrades and significantly longer battery life for notebook computers.
Notebook PCs featuring the technology will go on sale today through retailers including Harvey Norman, Dick Smith Electronics and Harris Technology.

Intel expects PC manufacturers to release upwards of 230 products incorporating the new Intel Centrino Duo and Centrino Pro worldwide this year in a variety of new form factors. New designs will range from large 17-inch monitor entertainment and gaming notebooks, to tiny, lightweight and energy-saving notebooks.

“When we introduced Intel Centrino four years ago, Intel changed the computing landscape with our mobile innovations,” said Intel vice president and general manager – mobile products group, Mooly Eden.

“Now, simply said, we have improved virtually all aspects of Intel-based notebooks – the most popular and fastest growing computer market segment in the world.”

The new Centrino platform includes support for the new 802.11n Wi-Fi standard, which improves the speed of wireless networks by up to five times and range by up to two times.

Intel has also introduced a new Turbo Memory optional feature which allows the PC to access frequently used applications twice as fast, which reduces the amount of time it takes to start up programs and boot up the machine.
The new platform also sees the Mobile Intel 965 Express chipset introduced, featuring Intel Clear Video Technology which enhances playback of video sources – particularly high definition.

While many technologies in the new platform enable enhanced consumer applications, certain features are also tailored for business.

“Intel’s Centrino Pro processor technology now allows the inherent benefits of Intel vPro processor technology to be implemented in a mobile solution. Built-in features like remote management could potentially reduce infrastructure downtime and cost, in a form factor traditionally harder to keep tabs on due to the portable nature of notebooks,” said IDC Asia Pacific research manager, Reuben Tan.

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