Philips celebrates half a billion electric shavers

By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Philips, the world leader in the electric shaving category, today announced it has produced its 500 millionth electric shaver since production first began 68 years ago.

“To have reached this milestone cements the fact that we are bringing products to market which consistently meet our consumers’ needs,” said Royal Philips Electronics CEO – Philips domestic appliances and personal care and chief marketing officer, Andrea Ragnetti.

“If you are going to buy an electric shaver, we want customers to think of Philips first. To have sold this many shavers in our 68 years history shows us we’re on the right track," Ragnetti said.

Harry van Dyk, CEO of Philips Electronics Australia believes Philips’ heritage in electric shaving innovation coupled with the company’s 80-year history in Australia have helped Philips reach the 500 millionth mark.

“Philips is not only a market leader in Europe, we have proven ourselves as a trusted brand in Australia with over 47 per cent of the market choosing to purchase a Philips electric shaver over any other brand last year.”

In 1939, Philips launched its first electric shaver, ‘The Cigar’, to the world. In 1959, to keep up with the explosion in consumer demand, new technologies, such as floating shaving heads, were introduced, and in 1978 the creation of the world’s first mains and rechargeable shaver was launched.

Nico Engelsman, Philips business manager – shaving and senior vice president – DAP said, “Over the last six decades, we have addressed the changing needs of our consumers, taking regional differences into account.

“We’re also constantly addressing innovation in the shaver itself. We are focused on developing shavers that are designed to suit the places they are sold. We produce shavers that reflect local tastes, trends, bathrooms and shaving habits, and that’s why I think we’ve been so successful.”

According the GfK, in 2006 the Philips shavers business in Australia increased nine per cent in value for a current local market share of 47 per cent. The global market value for male electric shaving is approximately Australian $4.1 billion or Euro 2.5 billion sales with a market volume for the global male electric shaving of approximately 40 million units.

The Australian electric shaving market is currently worth over $61 million.

“By presenting the market with something innovative, you’ll be able to attract new consumers. We are looking to translate global trends into products in the very near future,’ said Engelsman.

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