Samsung finds fix for DTV glitch

By Matthew Henry

SYDNEY: Samsung Electronics has issued a statement saying the brand has resolved the tuning fault in its new flat panel TVs, which was identified late last week, after discovering the cause of the problem over the weekend.

Samsung issued an urgent notice to retailers last Friday warning them to cease selling any more of its new R8 and M8 LCD TVs or Q9 plasmas due to the discovery of a glitch in the digital tuner which was causing digital reception to drop out.

The flat panel TV models in question are the LA40M81/BDX, LA46M81/BDX, LA32R81/BDX, LA40R81/BDX, PS42Q91/HDX and the PS50Q91/HDX.

According to the company, the fault has been reported in just one per cent of sales and the fix is now available for consumers and remaining retail and warehoused stock.

“The solution was developed and tested over the weekend and is now being deployed to consumers and retailers affected by the fault. The fix involves a minor modification to the digital tuner board settings and has been thoroughly tested for its efficacy,” said the company in a statement this morning.

The brand has begun making the modification to consumers’ TVs and retail stock will start to be exchanged for modified and quality-controlled product this week.

 “Meantime, Samsung is asking retailers to continue displaying stock while taking orders from consumers. Limited replenishment stock should be available in-store within the week.

” Dealers and consumers experiencing problems can contact Samsung on 1300 362 603 for assistance or further information. The company has established a dedicated option in the customer service options to streamline the process.

“Samsung’s mission is to provide innovative digital convergence products that possess exceptional technology, quality, features and value. Commitment to quality and superior customer service is, and always will be, our number one priority,” said Samsung.

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