Huge growth to come in photo restoration, claims Photo Direct

By Matthew Henry

MELBOURNE: Australian distributor Photo Direct believes electrical and photographic retailers can generate increased foot traffic in-store by adopting its new photo restoration service, which the company is demonstrating at the PMA Show in Melbourne today.

Photo Direct claims photo restoration is one of the fastest growing services in the photographic industry as consumers look to reprint old or damaged photographs after having them restored digitally.

In the three months since Photo Direct launched its retail-based photo restoration service over 100 retailers from Australia and New Zealand have signed on, the company claims.

With the service, customers first bring in their damaged, aged or faded photographs to the retailer to be scanned. The digital scan is then sent via the internet for restoration and returned within seven days to be reprinted as a new photo.

The process not only restores faded colours but re-touches areas of the digital scan where rips and tears have marred the original.

Regardless of the amount of work required, Photo Direct charges a flat fee of $40 and offers a money-back guarantee if the consumer is not happy with the results.

“The benefits to the retailer is that the service has a fixed cost plus Photo Direct provides full marketing support. It really is the ideal solution for those jobs that are simply too tough or time-consuming for the retailer,” said Photo Direct director, Tracy Lints.

According to Lints, photo restoration is a business which can snowball for retailers as happy customers will show their family and friends the results.

“When people restore old photos there tends to be an emotional attachment to that photo and people want to share it with others. This service is also great because each customer needs to visit the retailer twice – once to present the photo for restoration and another time to pick it up, so it generates foot traffic in-store,” she said.

Photo Direct supplies all point of sale materials the retailer will need including before and after restoration comparisons.

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