Doro Australia sold to local CE and IT distributor

By Matthew Henry

MELBOURNE: Melbourne-based CE and IT distributor, Westan Australia, has bought the Doro Australia subsidiary, just months after its Swedish parent company denied the business was up for sale.

Westan, which represents brands including Intel, Microsoft, Benq, Samsung, Western Digital, Epson and NEC, announced this morning that it has bought the Sydney-based Doro Australia subsidiary for an undisclosed sum and will become the exclusive supplier of Doro cordless phones to the retail and specialist channels.

“We are pleased with this acquisition as it offers Westan opportunities to enter the retail market,” said Westan executive director, Kamil Aghtan.

“Westan also provides the distribution logistics throughout Australia and will be better positioned to provide the service level required by Doro’s customers. There is the added benefit that Westan will be able to provide other products into Doro’s markets not just in ANZ but also globally."

The Doro Australia subsidiary has been undergoing a restructure for the past six months and has had uncertainty at the helm after managing director, Matt Segafredo, announced he would resign last November only to continue in the role.

The restructure has been focussed on making the business entrirely focused on its Australian and New Zealand customers.

“Westan has bought the Doro Subsidiary as a going concern and we are pleased with that as it will cause the least possible disruptions to the business,” said Doro AB spokesperson, Tim Mabley.

“It is business as usual. Westan will continue to develop the Australian Doro market and also be able to introduce new products into that channel either under Doro brand or their own brands. We believe there are immense opportunities for the two Companies to co-develop products jointly for the global market.”

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