Bing Lee and OMO strike value-add deal

By Sarah Falson

SYDNEY: Bing Lee is giving away a year’s supply of OMO washing powder with selected washing machine purchases, from now until the end of the year.

Customers who buy any front or top loading washing machine from Bing Lee outlets will benefit from the giveaway, which includes 12 kilograms of OMO High Performance Concentrate for front loading machines or 12 kilograms  of OMO Matic Concentrate for top loaders.

“We’ve found our customers love to get something for nothing,” said Bing Lee group marketing manager, Joanna Ingley.

“Bing Lee has built strong relationships with partners such as OMO and it’s great that we are able to team together to provide additional value to our customers when they shop with us.”

According to Ingley, Bing Lee has had great success with previous value-add promotions.

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