Philips supports energy-saving during tomorrow’s Earth Hour

By Sarah Falson

SYDNEY: Tomorrow evening at 7:30pm, Philips Electronics Australia will be turning off the lights in its head office for one hour and encourages the rest of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs to join them to support action against global warming. 

Earth Hour is the first event in a campaign designed to raise awareness of the world’s ailing greenhouse layer, by nvolving businesses, schools and individuals in practical exercises aimed at helping to reduce greenhouse emissions.

The organisers behind Earth Hour aim to reduce Sydney’s greenhouse emissions by five per cent this year, but they hope the campaign also gains the support of those outside Sydney.

“The event will demonstrate hour simple actions can make the world of difference if everyone takes part,” said the Earth Hour website, which is a partnership by WWF-Australia and Fairfax Media.

“This year’s Earth Hour will happen in Sydney, but we hope Earth Hour can grow into a global campaign. If you live outside of Sydney, you can show your support by joining us and turning off your lights at 7:30pm local time.”

Philips is involved in Earth Hour to show its commitment to reducing the world’s power consumption, according to Philips CEO, Harry Van Dyk.

"Earth Hour is a wonderful initiative for Philips to be a part of and show our commitment to energy saving. As a producer of lighting technology solutions for the home, office and councils Philips is pushing for individuals and businesses alike to take similar measures to reduce their energy consumption,” he told

“Our hope is that with Philips’ expertise in lighting, we will be able to help more companies and individuals switch over to more energy efficient technologies.”

Philips is also encouraging its employees and workers around Sydney to get behind the program.

"Philips is also empowering our own employees to reduce their energy consumption at home by providing all staff with a six-pack of energy saver light globes.The goal is for every staff member to also sign up to become participants to Earth Hour of their own volition,” said Van Dyk.

Philips will be turning off the lights in its North Ryde office tomorrow evening, and asks that other businesses which close at the weekends turn off their computer monitors and lights this afternoon before they leave the office.

“Please join us as we cut down our carbon emissions in the office by also joining Earth Hour for yourself at home. If all Australian households simply turned off unused lighting and appliances on standby at the power point it would reduce Australia’s emissions by at least 5 million tonnes per annum,” said Philips.

Visit the website at, where you can pledge your support for the cause.

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