Pebble prepares for Hyundai-branded whitegoods

By James Wells

MELBOURNE: Pebble Electronics has announced it will introduce additional whitegoods into the Australian market under the Hyundai brand over the next few months, targeting holes in the marketplace.

Pebble Electronics general manager, Nick Fry, told that there will be a restricted product portfolio of products under the Hyundai brand which will focus on particular opportunities in different areas.

‘We are looking at bringing in selected whitegoods under the Hyundai brand such as a dishwasher and possibly a freezer. We think that the Hyundai brand might carry some weight in the whitegoods category.”

Pebble has recently taken delivery of a 32-inch HD-integrated LCD and a 40-inch LCD television which are both made in Korea and will be hitting retail floors over the next week.

“We will be concentrating on products with better specifications such as integrated digital flat panels, stainless steel exteriors on our whitegoods and digital products that sit at the premium end of our range. We are also investigating a digital set top box and a hard disc drive.

"The Hyundai experience is a work in progress and we’ve made a very good start in getting the brand into the market place. Our hope in 2007 is to continue to grow our traditional brands, with Hyundai offering value-added opportunities to our retail partners."

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