Salton says merger with Applica will be sensational

By Sarah Falson

BRAESIDE, VIC: The merger between small appliance-makers Salton Inc and Applica Brands will “produce sensational outcomes here in Australia,” yet it is too early to reveal just how, said Salton Australia CEO, Milton Dickins.

“It is very early days,” Dickins told today.

“One thing that is becoming more and more apparent around the world is, in terms of consolidation, local businesses are starting to streamline their activities.

“It is a touchy market out there, and companies have to become more accustomed to what the consumer is looking for,” he said.

This week, Salton Inc in the USA confirmed its merger with Applica, meaning that Applica and its subsidiaries are now subsidiaries of Salton.

Dickins told that the partnership will form possibly the largest household appliance distributor in the world, with Salton Inc estimating $1 billion in annual sales in the year to come.

Salton in Australia will now have access to former Applica-only brands, such as Belson professional salon products, as well as the company’s intellectual property.

According to Dickins, a press release sent out in the USA outlined the compatibilities between Belson products and Salton’s established distribution channels, as Belson is already strong in European appliance and electrical stores.

Already on the home front, Salton has recently finalised a range of new small appliances, including the Russell Hobbs Mountain Breeze (RRP $499) air purifier which Dickins estimates will earn the company up to $500 million dollars.

“We’ve just distributed an entirely new category,” said Dickins.

“For alergy-sufferers, most of the industry focuses on whether the air is moving around, and what temperature it is, but this new, portable unit provides pure, clean air at the touch of a button. Pure air — that’s the solution.”

According to Dickins, Salton is currently working on recruiting local category managers for each of its brands, including the successful range of George Forman health grills.

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