Panasonic denies senior management reshuffle

By James Wells

SYDNEY: Panasonic Australia assured retailers today that there will not be a reshuffle of senior management in the short term, despite several retailers circulating rumours regarding the imminent appointment of a new managing director.

The current managing director, Mr Toshiro Kisaka, joined Panasonic Australia in mid-2004, replacing Edward Hughes – the first Australian managing director of the company.

A spokesperson for Panasonic Australia told that: “In response to your inquiry regarding Mr Kisaka, there are no changes to senior management at Panasonic.”

Retailers who have contacted believe Kisaka, may return to Japan around the end of March, which would be an ideal changeover period for the company’s new financial year commencing 1 April 2007.

If Kisaka was to leave the offices of Panasonic Australia at Belrose in Sydney, the company’s deputy managing director, Steve Rust, would take the position of managing director or another managing director would be appointed from elsewhere within the global company.

Kisaka joined the local subsidiary as a supply chain management specialist and was a director of the company’s Transformation 21 program in Japan which developed speedy and low-cost operations to reduce the lead time of products supplied from factory to customer.

During his time as managing director at Panasonic Australia, Kisaka has enjoyed strong market share in several categories including Viera-branded plasma televisions.

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