Over 80 Retravision NSW stores move over the borders

By Sarah Falson

SYDNEY: Retravision has now successfully migrated most of the larger New South Wales stores to either Retravision Queensland or Retravision Vic-Tas, with over 80 businesses already crossing the borders according the retail group.

According to a press release distributed today, over 80 Retravision NSW stores have been successfully transferred to either of their northern or southern counterparts, while a large number are still part of an interim agreement to source stock from the stronger Queensland and Vic-Tas groups, and a small remainder “are unable to meet the requirements to transition.”

“We could not migrate all stores because the sister companies and their insurers have stringent financial requirements,” Retravision Pty Ltd chief executive, Keith Perkin said today.

“Unfortunately, those stores that don’t meet the requirements will have to look at other options, so we may see a small number of stores moving to competing groups over the next week or two.”

Retravision Vic-Tas chief executive officer, Brian Kelly, today confirmed to Current.com.au that 51 of the 80 Retravision stores are now sourcing stock from Retravision Vic-Tas, with the remainder relying on the Queensland group.

According to Kelly, the company is currently putting together a document, which should be ready in the next few weeks, detailing the final list of Retravision NSW stores that have migrated to either Queensland or Vic-Tas.

According to the release distributed today, stock supply to NSW stores from most national appliance and electronics suppliers is now underway.

According to Perkin, Retravision staff is now focused on ensuring the group has a successful Christmas trading period.

“Our National Suppliers have worked hard to open new accounts for migrating stores and we thank them for responding as quickly as they have. We also would like to thank them for their continued commitment to our business,” he said.

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