Defective US coffee machines scolded for scalding

By James Wells

SYDNEY: The local subsidiary of a company that has been forced to recall a coffee maker in North America that could potentially burn users, believes that there will be no impact on the Australian market.

According to the managing director of Atico International’s local subsidiary, Andrew Vagg, the coffee machines are not sold in the Australian market.

“We sell a few electronics products, mainly in the computer side, but we do not sell any household appliances,” said Atico International Australia managing director, Andrew Vagg.

Over 54,000 Espresso Express moka-style coffee machines, each with a smoke-coloured plastic reservoir, black handle and aluminium base, have been recalled as the machines’ elements can forcefully separate from their bases during the brewing cycle.

“This poses burn and impact hazards to nearby consumers,” said a report by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Atico International has received 42 reports of incidents involving the heating element forcefully separating from its base.
Among these incidents, there were nine reports of minor scald burns and seven reports of consumers being hit by parts of the espresso maker.

The products were sold in North America from August 2005 to October 2005 for between $US15 and $US30.

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