Bambrook joins Bi-Rite Electrical group

By James Wells

BALLINA: Former Ballina Betta Electrical proprietor, Greg Bambrook, has joined the Bi-Rite Electrical Group and will trade as Best Appliances.

Bi-Rite Electrical, a member of the Narta group, now has 33 stores within its membership including Bambrook as well as the addition of Victorian-based Kilmore Betta Electrical, which will now trade as Kilmore HomElectrix.

While Bi-Rite trades as a Narta member, Bambrook is trading as a member of Bi-Rite and is not an official member of the $2.2 billion buying group.

Bambrook told that he will continue to trade from his premises on the corner of Pacific Highway and Quays Drive in Ballina that now feature an alternative livery and external identification.

“It is absolutely business as usual,” Bambrook said.

“We are a healthy business that is optimistic and moving forward at a rate of knots. There has been a lot of support for us from manufacturers and retailers within the industry and for that we are very grateful,” Bambrook said.

Bambrook commented on the savage criticism leveled at the former Betta Electrical franchisee last Thursday by Betta Stores Limited CEO, Guy Houghton.

“There are two sides to every story,” Bambrook told

“Any business has the right to assess its commercial options,” he said.

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