Topfield releases world first WLAN digital TV PVR

By Craig Zammit

SYDNEY: Topfield Australia has announced the launch of the world’s first digital TV personal video recorder (PVR) with wireless local area network (WLAN), the TF6000PVRt, which will allow users to connect and record from anywhere in the world.

The TF6000PVRt (RRP $1,249) incorporates all the PVR features of its predecessor, the TF5000PVRt Masterpiece, but in addition it features an integrated IEEE 802.11g WLAN and a 200GB hard disk drive to allow storage of previously recorded programs.

The integrated wireless LAN, once connected to the home wireless network, will allow one touch recording with the on-screen seven-day TV guide and remote operation including connection, file upload or download and remote recording capabilities.

The TF6000PVRt is available now in black or silver and comes with a free six month subscription to Ice TV’s seven-day electronic program guide valued at $70.00.

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