Legend to distribute Hyundai LCDs and monitors

By Adam Coleman

ADELAIDE: Legend Corporation has confirmed a deal with long term partner, Hyundai, to distribute LCD monitors and televisions in Australia, which are different to some other Hyundai products that have appeared on the Australian market under license.

South Australian-based Legend will distribute the complete range of Hyundai’s E series HD LCD televisions, which are available in seven sizes, from 20 inches to 46 inches and LCD monitors in 17 inches and 19 inches.

The new range will also include TV tuner-enabled LCD monitors, DVB-T digital set top box integrated LCD televisions and 42 inch and 50 inch plasma TVs.

“It’s a mid-range product at the entry level price, exactly where we have positioned a lot of the Legend products,” Legend worldwide sales director, Rob Kester told current.com.au.

“The panels used by Hyundai are all Samsung panels, so it is not the cheaper end of the Chinese and the Taiwanese products in the market. Mid-range in terms of specs and features but [in terms of price] we are really targeting that affordability end of the market.”

Legend expects sales from these products to exceed $20 million in the coming financial year.

The new range is not affiliated with other Hyundai consumer electronics that have previously appeared on the Australian market, including Yale Corporation.

“You’ll find a lot of the Hyundai products already on the market are branded under license for the use of the name.”

“There were a couple of guys that tried it with PCs through a company called Hyundai multiCAV. That was nothing more than a couple of guys out there selling with a licence fee for the use of the Hyundai name.

“That has died down, but it had a few incarnations and caused a lot of problems in the market,” he said.

Hyundai multiCAV were a South Australia-based distributor, which was forced into administration as a result of financial difficulties in May last year.

“I had a look around all the [Hyundai branded] products in the market and I found some stuff, even the logos used, I’m not sure what part of Hyundai is actually dealing with that,” Kester said.

Legend will not be distributing Hyundai set top boxes, other than the integrated LCD model.

“The division we deal do set top boxes as well but their price points are extremely high compared to the Legend branded product, with comparable components and quality. I’d prefer to stick to the Legend branded products rather than a two pronged distribution approach.

“There has always been a strong connection in the market between Legend and Hyundai brands in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa,” said Kester.

“This partnership formalises our commitment to this relationship while adding a quality product to our range to cement Legend as a key player in the market.” 

Legend’s distribution strategy will include mass merchants, electrical retailers including Harvey Norman and computer stores.

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