Portable DVD Player recalled due to overheating risk

The ACCC has issued a recall notice for the VUE 10.1-inch Portable DVD Player, due to overheating batteries that could present a “potential burn hazard”.

The DVD Player (Model number VUESPD1020, Serial numbers VUESPD102082011000001 to VUESPD102082011001000) was sold nationally in WOW Sight and Sound stores between 1 August 2011 and 15 February 2012.

The device poses a threat because the “battery may overheat and melt if left plugged in for a long period of time” the ACCC said.

Consumers who have bought the Portable DVD player are advised to stop using the product immediately, and return it to a local WOW Sight & Sound store “for a replacement battery to be fitted free of charge”. A reply paid envelope can be provided if required.

Consumer enquiries can be directed to WOW Sight & Sound on 13 28 38 or at feedback@1wow.com.au.

The ACCC confirmed that only devices with a serial number that falls within the above serial number range are affected. Models with other serial numbers are not affected.

The VUE 10.1-inch Portable DVD Player.

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