By Patrick Avenell

Suppliers, retailers and staff should take note of a number of key issues regarding tomorrow’s running of the 148th Melbourne Cup.

The Melbourne Cup is Australia’s richest race, and is the most important single sporting event in the country. It is known as the race that stops a nation, and for that reason, businesses should be aware of some important details to make sure their business can get started again once the race is finished.

Firstly, tomorrow is a public holiday in Melbourne, but not in all of Victoria. Any urgent communication with Melbourne-based business should be made before close of business this afternoon.

The race is set to jump at 3pm Victorian time, which is the same time as in Tasmania, New South Wales and the ACT. In Queensland, the race will start at 2pm; in South Australia at 2:30pm; in the Northern Territory at 1:30pm; and in Western Australia at 1pm.

Readers should take note that many offices close down for long lunches on Melbourne Cup Day, and that contacting clients or business associates may be difficult from around midday in local time onwards.

Viewers of the race should also look out for TCL Electronics, the official supplier of LCD screens for the Melbourne Cup carnival.

Patrick’s tips:

3 Honolulu
22 Alessandro Volta
1 Septimus
7 Zipping

Do you have an interesting Melbourne Cup story? Or any inside knowledge for tomorrow’s race? Send me an e-mail.