By Martin Vedris

SYDNEY: Philips today announced that its range of irons and men’s electric shavers achieved an increase in market share during September according to GfK data for the month.

According to a company release, Philips stated that its irons secured a 33 per cent value share in September in the Traditional Irons category, with four models in the top 10 for value, with its GC3135 and GC4420 models at first and second position respectively.

While the market for Irons (YTD September) actually declined by – 2.9 per cent in units and -0.6 per cent in value compared to previous year, Philips irons achieved growth of 38.5 per cent (units) and 31.4 per cent (value).

Philips commenced an irons cash back promotion on 1 October on the models RRP $100 and over. The company revealed that 1,000 redemptions were recorded in the first month, with over 70 per cent of redemptions on two key models — the GC4420 and the GC4430 Ionic Iron.

Electric shavers are also performing for Philips, which stated that the September 07 GfK data show that Philips’ value share of the men’s electric shaver market exceeded 50 per cent with six models in the top 10 for units, with HQ6640, HQ6695 and HQ6675 at positions one, two and four respectively.

According to Philips, the highest growth in the male shavers market came from the >$150 segment where Philips shavers dominated the $150-250 and the >$250 segments in September with a 59 per cent and 57 per cent value share respectively.

While the overall market for men’s shavers (YTD to September) grew marginally by 3.8 per in units and 1.4 per cent in value, compared to previous year, Philips Shavers recorded higher growth of 9.7 per cent and 8.1 per cent in units and value respectively.

September also saw the launch of Philips’ 60 day Money back guarantee promotion on the high end shavers. Meanwhile, the Philips $50/$25 ‘Trade up to a Smoother Shave’ promotion to boost the Philips Arcitec series started on October 23.