By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY, NSW: Sharp yesterday launched its new SuperSteam Oven at a media event in East Sydney. The new model, which combines four distinct styles of cooking, has been a runaway success in its native Japan, and will go on sale locally in early September.

The new SuperSteam (AX1500JS, RRP $1,649) will be marketed to consumers by its four main features and three main benefits. The four features are being described as “4 Healthy Ways to Cook”. These are SuperSteam Convection, Steam, Convection and Microwave. The three main benefits of the oven are salt reduction, fat reduction and vitamin retention.

At the media event yesterday, celebrity chef (and former Sharp employee) Janelle Bloom cooked a fullsize roast chicken in the new oven, using the SuperSteam Convection mode, in just under 45 minutes. She also prepared stickydate puddings in 18 minutes and baked apples in under 15 minutes. What this demonstration showed was that this product is capable of living up to its lofty ambitions, providing the consumer gets a chance to see it in action.

“This four in one appliance not only provides an exciting new and healthy way to cook, but will also complement any modern kitchen and home with its design and stainless steel fascia,” said a Sharp spokesperson.

According to Sharp, the SuperSteam Convection mode works by combining steam heated to around 300° Celsius with a convection heating system. This process is intended to produce moist and flavoursome results.

“It enables healthier meal preparation, as food can be made crisp and tasty without using oil. This innovative cooking method also helps to reduce salt, calories and fat content while retaining vitamin C nutrients,” said the spokesperson.

Pre-installed in the oven’s onboard computer, and visible via the LCD screen, are eight auto-menus, including beef, lamb, chicken and seafood. Additionally, a cookbook of meals specifically for this oven is included with purchase.