By Patrick Avenell

SYDNEY: Canon Australia has today announced the appointment of Allan Corder to the role of deputy manager director and chief operation officer. Corder will move to this position after five years as head of Canon’s consumer imaging products group.

Talking about this appointment, and the company restructure it in part symbolises, is Canon Australia managing director Kenji Kobayashi.

“The realignment of the business and consumer divisions will help us enhance service levels for customers and deliver a broader range of offerings from a single Canon entity,” said Kobayashi.

Corder took the opportunity arising from his appointment to stress that Canon still believes it can grow, despite worries about the economy.

“We see growth opportunities in the market, despite the economic climate, and we are looking to maximise the power of our combined offerings to take advantage of them,” said Corder. “Now is not the time to be sitting still.

“Riding on the back of record sales in November and December last year, we’re in a very strong position for this next phase of our transformation program.

“These changes will bring greater cohesion to our business and a more effective customer oriented channel-to-market approach, which will make a very positive difference to the way that our customers engage with us.”

In addition to Corder’s appointment, Canon also announced that Tony Wills has become the executive advisor to the COO and program director for implementation of customer oriented channel approach. Wills was formerly the senior general manager for the business imaging solutions group.