By Paul Hayes

SYDNEY, NSW: Home phones are set to go digital with Telstra today announcing that its new T-Hub will be available from Tuesday 20 April 2010.

Billed as Australia’s first smart home phone, the T-Hub is available only to Telstra customers.

The unit is an 18 centimetre touch screen device that allows phone calls and text messages, as well as internet applications such as news, sport and weather.

The phone plugs directly into a standard telephone socket and has access to BigPond and Sensis services, as well as online social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Skype.

Calls can be made with a cordless handset or handsfree via the portable touch screen.

Telstra chief marketing officer, Kate McKenzie, said that a phone will suit Australian families.

“T-Hub will suit Australians’ appetite for quick access to information, while enabling customers to perform many mobile phone-type applications on their home phone.”

The phone will be available on Tuesday from most Telstra dealers, selected additional dealers, online and over the phone.

The T-Hub can be purchased by Telstra customers as either part of 15 different bundle options, such as the Home Bundle 12 gigabyte plan at costs $109 a month plus $35 upfront, or for a flat upfront price of $299.